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“We inspect every home as if we were buying it.”


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Welcome to American Eagle Home Inspections


When it comes to home inspections, EXPERIENCE counts!


While you must be licensed to legally perform home inspections in Illinois, there is no requirement for experience.


Do you want an inexperienced inspector performing your home inspection?  We know what your answer would be... but that’s exactly what’s happening everyday in our area.


The only requirements to become a licensed home inspector are to take a 60-hour class and pass the State of Illinois exam.  No hands-on experience is required!  No prior experience is required!  No “on-the-job” training (or apprenticeship) is required!  Also, there is no requirement for a home inspector to have insurance of any kind!


My name is Ken Winter and I’m the Owner and Chief Inspector of American Eagle Home Inspections, LLC.  I realize that purchasing a home can be very stressful and my goal is to help you understand your new home and to do my very best to make sure that it will be safe and secure for you and your family.  Our company motto is:


“We inspect every home as if we were buying it.”

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So, what is a home inspection and how can it actually help and benefit you.


A home inspection is a non-invasive, visual examination of a house and its systems and components.  It is important for you to know the condition of the foundation and building structure, the roof (inside and out), the heating and air conditioning systems along with plumbing and electrical, interior and exterior portions of the house, appliances and various other items.


What will you receive from us?


Our Licensed and Insured Inspectors will spend between 2-1/2 and 4 hours thoroughly evaluating all areas of the property you are purchasing - from the basement to the roof, inside and out.


You’re welcome to come along with us as we inspect the property.  In fact, we encourage you to attend the inspection and to ask whatever questions you might have as we perform the inspection.  This is especially important if you are a first-time buyer or haven’t purchased a home in a long time.


We not only inspect the house that you’re buying, we also attempt to explain what needs to be maintained and why.  You’ll get a real education about your new home.  Don’t worry, we will do our best to explain everything in terms that you can understand.


After the inspection, we return to the office where they can prepare the computer-generated Property Analysis Report and Summary Letter, which will describe, in detail, what we found during the inspection.  Many existing homeowners are totally unaware of the fact that their homes could potentially have problems that need major repairs...and I’m sure you don’t want to pay for these repairs yourself after you move in, do you?


For all home purchase inspections, we also include: FREE lifetime phone consultation services, which means that you can calls us anytime, as long as you live in the house we inspect, to discuss any situations that might come up to get an unbiased opinion.  In addition, we also provide a RecallChek® report that contains information of any of the major appliances that may be on the Consumer Product Safety Commissions (CPSC) recall list.  You will also receive monthly updates, in case any of your appliances are recalled in the future, and you can also add appliances as you purchase new ones.  We also provide a limited 90-day warranty on appliances and structure, which is in addition to any warranty offered by the seller.  Last, but not least, we give you a copy of the 128-page Home Systems Guide, a book on how to operate your home.  (For our Spanish-speaking clients, we offered a similar book called Mi Casa, a bi-lingual guide to operating a home.)  All of these items are included in the price of the home inspection.


Now that you know what you can expect during a home do you select an inspector for your new home?


First, you want to hire an experienced inspector, one who’s been inspecting for several years.  Second, you should make sure that this inspector has Error & Omission insurance and General Liability insurance.  This shows that the inspector is protecting you, the person who owns the home and himself.  A third item would be the inspector’s professionalism.  Is the inspector a member of a national home inspectors association; such as NAHI (National Association of Home Inspectors) or ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors)?  


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